Ny CD: Ekaterina Vasilyeva – By heart

CD ”By Heart” To order the CD –  send 175 kronor with your adress through SWISH 070-618 89 55  In case you do not have SWISH, contact Ekaterina

Konsert i Sundsvall

Den 9 oktober spelar Ekaterina en konsert i Sundsvall.

Planerad turné i Kina

A tour in China is planned this fall. Dates to be announced soon.


Jag har träffat många människor genom mina resor och konserter.

Turné i Kina 2019

I november 2019 turnerade Ekaterina Vasilyeva i Kina. Hon både undervisade och hade konserter.

Christmas on Ice 2019

During Christmas on Ice 2019 Ekaterina played during Alexander Majorov performance. This is the actual performance live.  

Teacher at Nyköping Guitar Seminar 2019

Nyköping Nyköping Guitar Seminar is a unique guitar event. During the four days of seminar in  Nyköping, you can work on improving communication through music, learn to handle stage fright and avoid injuries. A seminar both for experienced performers who want to improve and those who perhaps hardly ever play in front of an audience, but …

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